About The Book

The novel is set in Florida for a reason.

The author was on vacation in Florida at the time of a State Governor election. Whilst there he discovered that in a previous election the newspapers had carried stories of the Governor being blamed for unfair elections, accusing him of 'gross dereliction' of duty.


The author also discovered that the death penalty system in Florida is in absolute chaos. The State leads the US in wrongful death penalty convictions: since 1973 over 20 people have been freed from death row after new DNA evidence was discovered, prosecutional misconduct was found, eyewitness misidentification had occurred, or other variables freed them. It is the Governor who signs the death warrant.

Although the dereliction of duty claims and flawed death penalty system were not related, this information provided the author with the kernel of an idea based on his knowledge of DNA, and from that the novel was born.