Religion - A Book of You

Very few things cause so much controversy and human destruction than our pursuit of our religious beliefs. If we again apply a simplistic logic it’s obvious that the only thing religions have in common is that they sell you time, and it’s not their’s to sell. They sell you 'tomorrow' in its many shapes and forms, i.e. Heaven, Valhalla, Land Of The Virgins etc and it’s the best marketing tool in the world. Through our fear of death they exploit our mortality and sell you something you can never really take to the bank.

For example, if I offered the perpetrators of 9/11 a million dollars to blow up the World Trade Centre Twin Towers they would decline. They would not do it if I offered them a hundred million dollars, but if I sold them time, the promise of living forever (after death) then they obviously would, that’s how powerful religion is.

Simple logic will tell you that God is not the Ford Motor Company, there are no makes and models of God. Look at the beautiful world God has created for us e.g, which one is the Muslim cloud, which tree is the Catholic tree, which sea is the Jewish one. Common sense will tell you the world was not designed by a committee. There are no makes and models of God.

Through geographical, historical and cultural differences we have separate Gods, it’s not the faith in God that’s the problem, it’s the man made division of faith. I was asked recently in an interview with Italian TV, why we constantly kill each other in the name of God. The answer is again in this form of logic, the Jew kills the Palestinian and vice versa, not because he believes his way is right, its because he is scared that your way might be right and he can’t afford to give up his afterlife for that chance. Because he believes wrongly he will lose everything, and he’s not prepared to do that.

If you take God’s gift of life from another human and say that the taking of the life is in his name, then I don’t believe he will open any doors to any heaven, no matter how strongly you try to justify it.