Youth - A Book of You

We look at our youth in some despair, the recent events in Norway, the riots in England and their attitude worldwide. However 'the bottom line' is that our children can only grow up in a world that we made for them. We throw it in their face all the time;  be better, be slimmer, be sexier, be more successful, be more educated, be something they probably never will be. Let’s not forget these are schemes that we devised to make money out of our children's development, they did not make the adverts, we did.

If we apply this philosophy that we have embraced so selfishly, 'What’s it in for me?' to our children, what can we say when they ask  'What’s in it for them?'. Can we look in our heart and give an answer. No child came out of the womb with a machine gun in its hands, we put it there. Our children are our product not just of the physical, but of the emotional, and if you get that wrong do we have the right to point the finger of blame at them.

Sometimes a poem can say more than words, you don’t really read poetry as you don’t write it - you taste it. A young boy in the First World War wrote to his mother from his heart the night before he died 'Tomorrow we attack but if we should die remember us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today', I wrote below it 'From all the world to that young boy, forgive us when we say with your tomorrow we gave you no today'.